Belfast Is Harder - Production Class

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Group Tutorial 

Location: Belfast DJ Studio

Date: 11/09/2021 

Time : 15:30-20:00

What Is It? 

This will be a group project providing detailed information on how to kick off, build & push your tracks to that slamming European level.


How Will It Happen?

Full 4.5 Hour course giving you a complete step-by-step introduction to Hard Production. 

We will take you through in detail:

- Fundamentals of Audio Creation software (Digital Audio Workstation)

- How to Build, Layer and make your hard kicks THUMPING!!! 

- Song Structure, creating intensity and flow

- Creating BIG leads. 

- Elevating your first track 

- Lots of tips, tricks and helpful feedback


Further Support

The journey only kickstarts after the course..

- Further review and help with your first track

- More advanced Online Production class (optional) 

- Additional support growing social medias, artwork contacts, promoter contacts and important label information


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