Women Are Harder - Full Day Class

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Group Tutorial 

Location: Belfast DJ Studio

Date: 11/09/2021 

Time : 10:00-15:00

Why is it needed? 

Women, particularly on the Island of Ireland, are massively underrepresented in the DJ & Production space.

This is even more prominent within the Harder genres.


What is it? 

The Initiative will be a group project providing women access to open and important information, resources and mentoring on how to begin your journey as an artist within the Harder Styles.


How Will It Happen?

Full day-course giving you a complete step-by-step introduction to Hard DJ'ing and Production. 

We will take you through in detail:

- Fundamentals of Live Mixing and Mixing Equipment

- Beat Matching, BPM's & Song Structure

- Creating your own mixes/podcasts

- A simple intro to Audio Creation software (AKA Digital Audio Workstation)

- The Basics of your first track 

- And of course, lots of tips, tricks and helpful feedback


Further Support

The journey only begins after the intro course..

A dated program will be outlined at the end of the Intro day outlining the next steps including:

- Further review and help with your first mix or track

- More advanced Online Production class (optional) 

- Additional support growing social medias, artwork contacts, promoter contacts and important label information


Check out some leading hard Female Dj's below: 

Korsakoff, Anime, DaY-Mar, Amada, Deetox, Lady Dammage, Miss K8, Lady Faith, DJ Stephanie

More info on Venue: